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Walton Goggins (as Boyd Crowder) is just about the best damn character actor I have seen on TV in a long while. The way he speak God's words like an Evangelical preacher while running guns and fighting his meth dealing daddy is some awesome old school hillbilly behavior.

At first he's got you thinking it's all an act - this bible thumping that he does - but then you realize that he believes every damn word of balloon juice he is spouting and is tormented by the pull of crime - all the while trying to become a better man (when that redemption doesn't interfere with his gun running). I wish I could find the clip for episode 12 of the series 'Justified' just to show y'all Walton at his best. The clip below will have to suffice.

In the opening of the season Goggin's character was shot by life long friend U.S. Marshal Raylen Givens (Timothy Olyphant) but he wasn't killed. He got released from prison on a technicality and believes he now has to do the work of lord because God saved his life. Watching these two great actors chew on some of the finest writing ever on series television is a treat indeed.

I love how the creators portray these two childhood friends who took vastly different paths in life. Both of them are essentially the same person only one has the law behind him and the other one doesn't. They both have trouble dealing with their criminal fathers and can't help the way their pasts continue to bring them trouble in their present.

If you know the work of Elmore Leonard you know of the great writing of which I speak. He created the characters and serves as executive producer on the show. This is one not to be missed.

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