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How Is That 'Hopey Changey' Thing Workin' Out For Yah?

You know, when I see it all laid out like this I have sympathy for all the challenges Brother Barack has faced since he took the Oval Office. Does he have it worse than any other President we can remember or are our high expectations of him and his ability to affect change at play here?

I know I want to see him go all 'Shaft' on BP but is that really the right strategy? It may be cathartic for us to witness (trust me I would love to see Barack put that BP head executive's head in a vice) but at the end of the day does that get results?

Is getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan something that can only be done over several years due to the sheer logistics of such an operation? What is in his control and what is not?

Do we look at the health care legislation as a glass half empty or half full when we look back at the difficulty ANY President had with making such a massive change in a country that really doesn't like things to change so drastically?

He started his Presidency behind the eight ball when a huge 'off the books' deficit was handed him by Bush jr. Combine that with a global recession and you can see how little wiggle room Obama really had to introduce his own policies. It seems like he has been plugging holes in the leaky dam just to keep his nation's head above water.

For these reasons I have to give him credit. The previous President seemed to be AWOL and on vacation when 9/11 and Katrina hit. Barack is at least showing up to work everyday knowing that it just won't get any easier for him. I get that he gets the awesome responsibility he has. The Presidency is not some entitlement to him. He takes it seriously.

I just wish more people could have his back and put the same kind of blind faith they had for Bush, into supporting Obama. He's earned that respect and from day one too many people have been rooting for him to fail. I don't see how getting their wish makes the world better for anyone.

Oh and in case you didn't know - hurricane season has already started.

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