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Exotic Wood Dining Tables by Costantini Design

wood dining tables
The beauty of the Luca table by Costantini Design is in the distinctive grain of the exotic wood. Simple, but far from plain, the table is shown here in incredible Guayubira wood, with a natural semi-gloss finish. Firmly mounted on two solid wood pedestals, this exotic wood dining table is an impressive 96' L x 48' W x 30' H. Other dimensions are also available. A family owned company, Costantini Design creates furniture the way that you want it. You can choose from a wide range of woods, such as the Walnut shown below or unusual species like Bubinga or Zebrawood, and a selection of finishes… antiques, gold leaf and patina, to name a few. Bring the family together for mealtimes over a dining table from Costantini Design.
wood dining tables

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