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Contemporary Dining Chairs by Domitalia

modern dining chairs
Lynea collection by Ims Domitalia consist of strong, comfortable and contemporary dining chairs which are available in 3 models. They are tapering towards the top, has precise raised ribbing and also has netting that seems to make the material slide along the surface. Lynea chairs could has satinated aluminium, chromed or black lacquered metal frame. Lynea-p series could has chromed, white or black lacquered metal frame while Lynea-t could has chromed lacquered metal frame. The polycarbonated shell of all series could be white, yellow, black, orange, red or transparent transparent. Moreover, there are 4 different colors for the transparent netting (orange, red, smoky grey and transparent) and 3 for the netting in plain colors (white, black, yellow), which are made in polycarbonate.
modern dining chairs

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