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Transformers Linkfest

Scourge (aka Nemesis Prime) Custom Figure
Click above to view more images of fan creation Scourge created by Toyphilia. The base figure is Leader class Optimus Prime but with a new darker paint job, lightning decals, and a tanker trailer. The result is a very sweet looking figure. I especially dig the lightning decals that a real improvement over the flames that Prime normally has.

Hyper Hobby July Scans
Click the link to Japan's Hyper Hobby Magazine for July. The issue covers many of the upcoming Transformers being released in Japan including many of their exclusives like MP-04S Masterpiece Prime Sleep Mode, Transformers: Animated, Unicron, and more.

Transformers Scout Class Gallery
Click the link to view the next wave of Transformers (movie style) Scout class toys that will be hitting stores soon. It includes Warpath, Storm Surge and Crosshairs. I was less than impressed but maybe you will like what is coming.Read More »

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