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Don Murphy TF3 Update

Don Murphy, producer for the Transformers films, provided a brief update on his forums for his various projects including Transformers 3. Nothing specific revealed since the "movie is super top secret". Below is the TF3 portion of the post. (via AllSpark)
TRANSFORMERS 3 is starting its third week of shooting. As you guys know, everything on this movie is super top secret., but it is going very well and I think you will all be stoked to see old favorites and new characters coming at ya. You know I liked the second film a lot- that said the new screenplay brings back the sense of awe and wonder that made the first film so exciting and special. It’s a shame that Megan didn’t work out but with what Michael has planned you won’t miss her. There is still a hell of a lot of shooting to go and you don’t need me the way you guys dig up clues and jive- suffice it to say NEXT Fourth of July you guys will be excited again. I personally can’t wait.

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