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I Think I Am In Love

It should be no suprise for my readers to learn that in my family, all the men are mice and all the women are lionesses, so this girl would fit right in. Now while I don't necessarily approve of the killing of elephants I can't help but be impressed by her 'one-shot/one-kill' abilities. Call me Teressa and we will see if you can fire that arrow underwater.

"Female hunter Teressa Groenewald-Hagerman has become the first woman in the world to shoot an elephant dead with a bow and arrow. Groenewald-Hagerman, 39, she sneaked into the animals herd and killed the creature with one shot from just 12 yards. The woman, from Kansas, was inspired to go on the safari after being challenged by a male friend who said women could never draw such a heavy bow. She worked out for four hours a day for eight months to be able to draw the huge PSE XF Bow big enough to kill the majestic creature."


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